We Are 6voices

We are committed to simplify work through voice-based technology.

Technology we like

Voice is the better interface to interact with machines

Since we are born, users of technology needed to learn how to interact with machines. It was our task to understand how to type, how to use a mouse, a trackpad or a touchpad. Any product we start using requires us to understand how it works. With people we don’t need keyboards. We use voice or gestures. Voice is the most natural way of communication. Over the last decade the quality of machines understanding speech and the natural language processing has massively improved. This advancements enable voice user interfaces. A user now can talk to a system. Voice is more natural, does not require specific training and can be a much faster way to interact. We enter an era where machines start to learn how humans work.

Problems we solve

Meetings should be productive and fun

In our previous careers we all experienced too many unproductive meetings that caught much time of our daily work time. Many of the productive meetings we had followed the same pattern: prepared in advance, clear objective, respect of timing, tracked next steps, and not much distraction but pure focus of all participants. Therefore, we created Mia, a virtual assistant for business meetings, powered by artificial intelligence. Mia is continuously learning and getting better every day in supporting its users in an non obtrusive way to have better meetings.

We believe in

Building great products

The simpler the better

A successful company is a growing company

Developing our employees

Having fun

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