Meet Assistant Mia

Mia, by 6voices, is a virtual assistant that makes your meetings more productive.

Mia assists you with ...

Agenda templates

Mia proposes you agenda templates, which you can use and easily adapt (e.g. project update, jour fixe).

Take notes

Mia takes notes for you. Simply say 'Ok Mia, note ...' or 'Ok Mia, add a decision ...'

Track to-dos

Mia makes it easy to track all resulting to-dos of a meeting in one place. 'Ok Mia, add to-do ...'

Record meetings

You can ask Mia to record your meeting. Search for a keyword. Mia will play back the relevant sequence.

Share with participants

Mia summarizes the meeting outcome and shares it with participants, so everyone is always on the same page.

Search through notes

You can search through your entire meeting notes, including written and voice recording, Mia will play back the relevant sequence.